With implementing complex requirements brand owners are on the inside track with a central Prepress service provider. The law regarding the pan-European labelling of food packaging LMIV 1169/2011 of 2011 is a striking example. Looking back: From December 2014 on, the act demanded more detailed and precise information on food packaging – like the marking of 14 allergens and a new minimum font size. For branded companies these mandatory specifications implied far-reaching restrictions. The disposable space on the packaging ran short. “In extreme cases the division of a packaging to additional country clusters was imminent. It obviously would have had additional expenses in the range of logistics and further charges as a result”, executive producer Stefan Winterberg says. Flexicon then offered branded companies convincing alternatives. Different approaches were discussed together, Flexicon developed cluster analyses in consideration of costs, simulated variations of packages and set the desired result into a guideline. The next step was to quick conversion of the entire portfolio. Conclusion: Even if the packaging ordinance was a challenge, the customers were up to it with Flexicon. Know-how, central data availability and professionalism are the most important things to step up to the plate.

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