Self-created packaging – from candy wrapper over jelly labels to chocolate boxes – is a big thing at the moment. Many companies and manufacturers of lemonade, sweets or detergent spotted the new kind of self-made design and recently offer products that can be customized. Whether a birthday, a wedding or a simple thank-you: packaging that is customized attracts attention and looks individual. Where a home-made card was nice in the past, a photo-cup or a self-designed smartphone case is popular today. Quite often sweets are chosen as a gift, a bar of chocolate for instance. Therefore a Swiss chocolate manufacturer came up with a special idea: On separately packed chocolate candy a word, a sentence or a symbol is printed according to choice. With more than 600 possible combinations there will be something appropriate for anyone. Even the size and the design of the outer packaging are variable. By now not only packaging of chocolate can be personalized. Groceries like wine, jelly or candy become eye-catchers with personal labels or customized packaging. For those who wonder “Where are the products for real men?” an online-beer supplier has the answer. In late 2014 a company from Munich launched an online platform for individually designable beer labels. Choose from designing yourself or letting design and pick the right brand of beer afterwards – it’s as simple as that! It doesn’t matter if wine, lemonade or sweets, one thing is obvious: Designing packaging is not only great fun for media designers, these days consumers are enjoying it as well.