Summer is here, that means: time for ice cream! Whether from the ice cream parlor around the corner or the supermarket – the main thing is that it cools and of course that it tastes good. The notorious problem: the bulk purchase is made, you arrive at home and the ice-cream has already begun to melt. Now a Dutch packaging manufacturer offers the solution. The company developed biological rigid foam which is, regarding to its material properties, comparable to the well-known foam material EPS, better known as Styrofoam. However, the organic rigid foam is made from plant components that are not genetically modified. The highlight: The material is food-safe and has insulation properties that keep the ice-cream cool for up to one hour. So even after a long shopping spree, the quality of the ice cream is consistent. There is another advantage this packaging brings: The material complies with the highest environmental standards. It is not for nothing that it was already honored with several environmental awards, like the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM-Certificate to give an example. Thus, it is guaranteed that the packaging is made of environmentally safe, nonvenomous and recyclable materials. A producer of organic ice cream took advantage of the new material and now sells his products in a thermo box out of this ecological rigid foam. In 2014 his thought of “if organic, then properly” was awarded with the “Bio Plastic Award” for his packaging.